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WSYW is on Spotify, Apple Podcast and all major podcast platforms (full list)

WSYW is on Spotify, Apple Podcast and all major podcast platforms (full list)

What is WSYW?

Podcast cover

Podcast cover

Created by co-hosts Andy and Maki, WSYW is an uncensored conversational podcast for Mandarin speakers in the 🌈 LGBTQIA+ community

『為所欲為』 means Do What You Desire

📰 Read about our interview with SBS (in Mandarin)

WSYW amplifies the voices of Mandarin speakers in the LGBTQIA+ community, and creates a space for meaningful and respectful dialogues.

Our podcast delves into topics such as gender and identity, sexual experience, open relationship and polyamory, hookup culture, cruising, BDSM, coming out stories, STI and HIV awareness, etc.

歡迎来到「為所慾為」的世界。我們是一檔有料就聊,尺度大開的彩虹播客。兩位主播是住在墨爾本的上班族男同志 Andy 和 Maki。


WSYW’s impact

As of March 2023



WSYW sounds like…

Audio Clip EP16.mp4

Clip #1 | HIV+


“I am afraid for most gay men who speak Mandarin, it often means that there's no way to go on with your life, if they heard the word 'HIV'.”

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Audio Clip EP38.5.mp4

Clip #2 | Gay Sauna

"你可以想象嗎,你在 Sauna 裡面,批了一條毛巾,然後你在黑漆漆的迷宮裡走路,突然面前出現了十個穿衣服的人,面前還有一個人拿著手電筒在跟他們講解。”

"Can you imagine? Say you are in the sauna, only wearing a towel, wandering around the dark maze. Suddenly, there are ten men in front of you with full cloth on, and there is one person with a flashlight explaining how the sauna works.”

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